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5 Top Tips to Growing Your Platform and Brand Power

Create Engaging Content You might think this one is obvious – but making sure you know your target audience and the kind of content that will engage them is the first step. Firstly, who do you want to attract? How old are they? What trends do they follow? Outline your target audience and then ask […]


How to Register Your Brand on Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry? Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool that helps sellers on Amazon protect their brands. The program also assists sellers in identifying potential counterfeit products, with the functionality of being able to report trade mark infringement of other sellers. Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry scheme are able to […]


Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace Agreements

An online marketplace can be operated through an app or e-commerce site where people can meet for the supply and purchase of products and services. This applies when you as the marketplace operator offer a marketplace in one convenient place for introducing sellers and buyers who use your website or app as a marketing service. […]


App Terms and Conditions of Use (‘App Terms’)

An app is a type of software for a mobile device and is primarily functionality driven. It runs on the device itself and is downloaded and installed, typically from an app marketplace such as the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play Store. App Terms sets out the rights and obligations of the users of […]


Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy – What is needed

Website Terms and Conditions of Use (‘Website Terms’)  A Website Terms will apply to every visitor on your website. A website runs on a browser and is information based with a primary objective of supplying content and information about a company or person, products or services or other target market. Your Website Terms set out […]