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Jurisdiction Clause vs. Choice of Law Clause

Jurisdiction Jurisdiction clauses are added into contracts to identify which court will determine any disputes between the parties. This clause gives a court the power to adjudicate in a case. This is particularly important when negotiating parties for a contract are located in separate countries as they will need to consider ahead of time which […]


A Checklist For Your SaaS Agreement

What is a SaaS Agreement? Commonly software as a service (SaaS) agreements cover subscription-based software models, such as Salesforce or Dropbox. These applications are usually delivered to customers via a cloud-based solution, rather than being installed as a program like traditional software methods. SaaS applications have gained a lot of traction recently as a preferred […]


Do I need a Subcontractor Agreement?

What is a subcontractor agreement? A subcontractor agreement is a contract between an independent contractor and another individual or entity. Generally, a subcontractor might be contracted to carry out certain functions or specific tasks in relation to a separate contractor agreement. The process can be summarised as follows: Often a subcontractor will perform specific tasks […]

EVENT   |   19th July, 2018 | ADMIN

Service Level Agreements Masterclass

W3IP Law attended an event in Brisbane hosted by Crown Leadership International Group on 19 July 2018 to present on Service Legal Agreements Masterclass. Presenters Leah Mooney, Special Counsel at Minter Ellison presenting on “A risk-based approach to the cloud “as a service” Brent Weston, Special Counsel at Tucker & Cowen presenting on “Common sticking […]


What is a Sales Agency Agreement?

In certain circumstances, a person will appoint another person to act on its or his or her behalf. The former is the Principal and the latter are the Agent. The Agent may act on behalf of the Principal to bring about legal relations between the Principal and a third party.A Sales Agency Agreement outlines the rights […]