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AI and Robotics

This AI tool is Smart Enough to Spot AI-generated Articles and Tweets

With advances in technology and easy access to paid and free tools to create spin-offs or rewrite content, people can now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make fake news, fabricated reviews, and fictitious social media accounts and thereby spreading misinformation. However, an AI can now also detect fake written material! This AI tool named Giant […]


Do You Know the Difference Between Data Analytics and AI Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is nothing new. It has been with us for years now, albeit not in the form of life like androids we visualize in the movies, but rather like the IBM chess game program that beat Garry Kasparov in the 1990s, Apple’s chatbot Siri, or the robot vacuum in your house. Artificial Intelligence To […]


AI-powered Mobile App “Trained” to Analyse Cough and Make Diagnosis

It was only late last year when it was announced as a trial app. Australian scientists have developed the smartphone app called ResApp that can analyse the sound of a child’s cough and diagnose whether it is asthma, croup, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. Today, Aussie researchers at Joondalup Health Campus and Princess Margaret Hospitals […]


AI: Decoding IP – Exploring the Commercial, Economic and Legal Implications

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly as evidenced by Apple’s Siri, automated cars and Sydney’s new driverless trains! Sci-fi movies often portray artificial intelligence as robots simulating human characteristics but in real life, AI is used in the Google’s search algorithm, IBM’s Watson, and even in AI-controlled autonomous weapons, among others. The term artificial intelligence or […]


Beginning Of The Robot Revolution? Meet Sophia!

Sophia, a social humanoid robot, was developed by Hanson Robotics and was activated on 19 April 2015. Hanson Robotics is an engineering and robotics company in Hong Kong founded by David Hanson. Sophia has since then gone viral online for her incredible features such as the ability to recognise individuals, process language, hold conversations, and […]