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Social Media and Marketing

Facebook Remains in Top 10 Global 500 Report Despite Criticism Over Data Handling

Over the past four years, Facebook has encountered a series of controversies that hounded its reputation as a very popular social media platform, particularly after investigations into the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Facebook has been criticized over how it handles its users’ personal data, how it regulates featured content, and how hackers were able to […]


I Want to Be a YouTuber! What IP Legals Should I Know?

The YouTuber The evolution of the video-sharing platform, YouTube, has been an exciting journey to watch. From a place one would share amateur home videos to an advertising channel with a market of millions, it’s incredible to see how people have used YouTube and content creation to create successful careers. When YouTubers such as Timothy […]


My Photo was Stolen on Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million active users and is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This is a huge marketing opportunity as it is an ideal platform for some of the best emerging talent to market their creations. Many people use Instagram to market their designs and artwork, especially […]


What you need in a Social Media Policy

Social media is spreading lightning fast around the globe as more people and businesses seek to connect online through various social media platforms. Business is increasingly recognising that social media offers more opportunities to connect to new customers and markets. Aside from gaining new clients and developing a loyal customer base, the downside of not […]


Online Competition Laws and Boosting your Social Media Presence

When operating your business or promoting your brand online, there are many tips and tricks you can use to boost your following, interaction and traffic. Effective use of these techniques can be the driving force behind growing your customer base and taking your business social media profile to the next level! One technique proven to […]