Domain Name

Does registering a domain name with a domain name registrar give you trade marks rights?

The answer is no! That is because they are not the same. A registered domain name does not give you proprietary rights to the brand name. Only a trade mark can give you ownership of a brand name. Domain names may look similar to trade names but the former should not be mistaken for the […]


WIPO Cybersquatting Cases Reach New Record in 2018

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has released its annual report in relation to cybersquatting cases it heard under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). WIPO reports that trade mark owners filed a record of 3,447 cases under the UDRP with WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center in 2018. According to WIPO, this is […]