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A trademark can be a word, phrase, letter, number, sound, smell, shape, logo, image, or a combination of these. It is used to distinguish the goods or services of one trader from those of another. It is an essential function of trademarks to designate the origin of goods or services so that customers can reliably find the origin of supply. Trademarks are essential for businesses in the Melbourne  region to safeguard the products and services of brand name owners, Same way Trademark Lawyer in Melbourne are essential for making the process smooth for your Brand or Business

After an application has been filed at the Trade Marks Office, it will be examined by a trademark examiner. To be registrable a trademark must satisfy several requirements. At W3iplaw we have extensive experience in the process of filing trademark applications. Our trademark Lawyer in Melbourne can also assist with trademark searches and registering a trademark in Australia. 

As trademark attorneys, we conduct searches to ascertain the availability of registering a trademark. Our Attorneys in Melbourne register trademarks for organizations and businesses all around Australia and provide telephone and online advice.  Our Trademark Lawyer in Melbourne also files for trademarks overseas, which can be done directly or through the Madrid protocol. Our Trademark Attorneys in Melbourne are trained to prosecute trademarks and conduct opposition proceedings before the Australian Trademarks Office. 

A trademark may be any ‘sign’ capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one trader from those of other traders. In addition to standard trademarks, other types of trademarks include a ‘collective trade mark’, a ‘certification mark’, and a ‘defensive mark’. Having a trademark for your products or services by Trademark Lawyer in Melbourne provides many benefits such as:

  • Asset: It is an asset that can be bought, sold, assigned, and licensed (you have the exclusive right to authorise other people to use your trademark for the goods or services in your registration).
  • Exclusive Right: A trademark registration clarifies ownership and you obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark and to obtain relief for infringement.
  • Deterrent: A trademark sends a message to the Australian marketplace that a business takes its intellectual property seriously.
  • Defence: It provides a valuable defence to allegations of trademark infringement.
  • Competitors: It can also deter competitors from using or trying to register the same or similar trademark if they search the Australian Trade Marks Register and find the trademark registration.
  • Prevent Others: The right to prevent others from using a substantially identical or deceptively similar mark.
  • Renewal: You can maintain the trademark indefinitely through renewal.
  • Australia: Registration usually gives rights throughout Australia.
  • Importation: Importation of goods bearing infringing marks may be prevented by asking the Australian Customs Service to seize the offending goods.

Rights are obtained in a Trademark by use through the ‘common law’ or by statutory rights through registration of a Trademark. Trademark registration has several advantages in that proprietary rights can be obtained without having to use the trademark, its presence on the register serves as a deterrent to other traders and registration is a defence to an action for infringement of another trademark. 

Online businesses in Melbourne should trademark the brand name for their products and services to obtain proprietary rights in the name. When selecting a trademark, it should be distinctive and must not be directly descriptive of the goods or services for which registration is sought. The trademark should also not be substantially identical or deceptively similar to any earlier trademark that is registered or pending in relation to the same or similar goods or services.  

Before applying for a trademark, our attorneys can do a clearance check to ensure that the trademark that you are applying to register is not already on the register or in use. Before using a new trademark it is therefore important to conduct a clearance search to ascertain whether that trademark is available for use.  The cost of a trademark search will depend on the nature of the mark, the range of goods and services that need to be searched, and whether the search is confined to the register or extended to “common law” marks. 

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