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Fed. Circ. Slams Albright's Transfer Refusals In 2 More Cases
Western District of Texas Judge Alan Albright saw the Federal Circuit ship two separate cases involving Pandora and NetScout out of his courtroom Wednesday, in [...]
Split Fed. Circ. Rejects Claim Of PTAB Bias Against Patentees
A split Federal Circuit panel ruled Wednesday that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board's fee and bonus structure doesn't make it biased against patent owners, [...]
Louisiana Can't Wade Into FTC's Settled Provigil Case
A Pennsylvania federal court on Wednesday rejected a bid from the state of Louisiana to intervene in a case over the alleged delay of generic [...]
Bayer Tells High Court To Curb Flanax Fight Again
Bayer AG has assured the U.S. Supreme Court that nothing close to a circuit split hangs over its decade-plus efforts to sue a small American [...]
CAFC Shoots Down Due Process Challenges to PTAB Structure
In an appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) brought by Mobility Workx against Unified Patents, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the [...]
Del. Justices Probe Unclear Terms In AstraZeneca Agreement
Investors in a company developing a cutting-edge cancer therapy that AstraZeneca PLC bought in 2013 but never brought to market struggled to convince Delaware's Supreme [...]
Propriety Of Testimony In Samsung IPRs Riles PTAB Judge
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board on Wednesday pushed back on Samsung's argument that testimony from a fact witness for Acorn Semi LLC should be [...]
P&G Wants Febreze Jingle Suit Tossed
Procter & Gamble Co. is pushing a New York federal court to dismiss a copyright suit over the five-note jingle that's heard at the end [...]
Quinn Emanuel Loses Latest Partner To White & Case
Another Quinn Emanuel partner has ditched the firm's Big Pharma-focused patent practice for White & Case, bringing along her experience of fighting off generic competition [...]
Girardi Scandal Provides Important Ethics Lessons
The litigation and media maelstrom following allegations that famed plaintiffs attorney Thomas Girardi and his law firm misappropriated clients' funds provides myriad ethics and professional [...]
Fed. Circ. Urged To Close Luggage Lock Patent Suit For Good
The Federal Circuit is being asked to affirm lockmaker Travel Sentry's win after a lower court ruled that a rival's lock patent at the heart [...]
Vivint Says ADT's The One Tricking Customers Into Switching
Vivint Smart Home Inc. pushed back against allegations from rival home security provider ADT that it tricks customers into switching services, telling a Florida federal [...]
Fed. Circ. Ruling Instructive On Defeating Patent Obviousness
The recent Federal Circuit decision Chemours v. Daikin, holding that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board disregarded prior art teachings in deciding that claims were [...]
Allergan Inks $30M Deal With Restasis Buyers In Antitrust Suit
Allergan has struck a $30 million deal with buyers of dry-eye medication Restasis to end allegations that the pharmaceutical giant fought to keep a generic [...]
CareDx v. Natera: The Latest in Patent Eligibility of Medical Diagnostics
The latest ruling involving patent eligibility of medical diagnostics comes from Chief Judge Connolly of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware [...]
Albanian-American Group Takes Control Fight To Chancery
A year-old Albanian-American friendship and cooperation group asked Delaware's Chancery Court on Wednesday to order the return of the group's financial accounts, email, trade names [...]
Google Gets PTAB To Nix Claims In Uniloc Authentication IP
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has invalidated four claims in a Uniloc 2017 LLC patent covering a method for authentication using sound waves in [...]
Universal Blames Junior Employee In £4M Music License Suit
Record label Universal says a junior employee ultimately dismissed for gross misconduct was not authorized to sign a license agreement with a London media company, [...]
Navigating the Legal Cloud: How to Manage Data and Intellectual Property with Cloud Orchestration Platforms
As the way we live and work has increasingly moved into virtual environments (I like to call it a legal metaverse), the boundaries between physical, [...]
Le Tigre Fights IP Claim They Took The Bomp In 'Deceptacon'
The feminist punk-pop band Le Tigre is suing singer Barry Mann in New York federal court, arguing he wrongfully alleges their 1999 hit "Deceptacon" infringed [...]
Judge Says Security Co. Has Proved Cybersquatting By Rival
A federal magistrate concluded Tuesday that a Florida-based security firm should be granted a judgment on cybersquatting claims against a nearby rival for creating a [...]
Fed. Circ. Told Minerva Still Can't Challenge Hologic Patent
Surgical device company Minerva shouldn't be able to strike down Hologic's patent covering an endometrial treatment despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting when [...]
FCC Told It Must Obey Court, Hurry Along Radio Station Sale
The Federal Communications Commission is dragging its feet on approving the court-ordered sale of a pair of radio stations and is "frustrating the ability" of [...]
SCOTUS Grants Government’s Request to Participate in Case Interpreting PRO IP Act Language on Copyright Invalidation
The U.S. Supreme Court today granted a motion made by the Acting U.S. Solicitor General to participate in oral argument as an amicus in the [...]
Privilege Creep and Your Data Security

14th October 2021 Data Security | Bianca Ysabel

The term “privilege creep” refers to the gradual accumulation of...

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Bvlgari Snake Head Design Enjoys Copyright in China

17th September 2021 Copyright | Alessandra Maxine

In April 2021, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court (‘BIPC’) announced...

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Oral Agreements – Can You Enforce These?

27th August 2021 Contracts | Jax Floro

In Australia, oral agreements can be enforceable. So, it should...

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10th August 2021 Consumer Law | Bianca Ysabel

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) intends to protect consumers while...

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Amazon Launches IP Accelerator in Canada to Help Small Businesses Secure a Trademark and Protect Their Brands

26th July 2021 Intellectual Property Protection | Alessandra Maxine

Amazon has launched an IP Accelerator in Canada to help...

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Copyright Protection of a Logo

2nd July 2021 Copyright | Jax Floro

A logo trade mark is an artistic work that functions...

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AI is Revolutionizing Education

3rd June 2021 Technology | Alessandra Maxine

"Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is...

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Australian Intellectual Property Report 2021

20th May 2021 Trade Marks | Jax Floro

Trade marks A trade mark is a type of intellectual...

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The Trade Mark Opposition Process

Trade Marks | Jax Floro

As the owner of a trade mark, you are responsible...

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What are Smart Contracts?

19th April 2021 Contracts | Jax Floro

Blockchain is a technology that is built on Bitcoin and...

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What You Need To Know About the Modern Slavery Act 2018

1st March 2021 Globalisation | ADMIN

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (the ‘Act’) entered into...

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Series Trade Mark Applications

3rd February 2021 Trade Marks | ADMIN

What Is A Series Trade Mark Application? A trade mark...

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