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As a business owner, there are a myriad of factors that you need to consider for the smooth functioning of your business. Along with analysing reports and maintaining a cash flow, you need to supervise one of the most critical assets of your business: The Brand. The identity of any business is its brand, regardless of name, logo, slogan, or anything. A brand is what makes your business unique and upselling in the present competing market. Therefore, protecting your brand from any upcoming threat or market competitors becomes a significant work for your business. One of the best ways to do so is by completing the process of trademark registration for your business’s brand name and logo. 

Going through the process of trademark registration all alone can be quite an overwhelming process. Instead of taking the matter into your own hand, why not leave the registration job to us? Our trademark lawyers in Sydney can assist and guide any business type, whether big or small, for the smooth trademark registration process. At W3IP Law, we strive to provide you with an optimal solution for your trademark-related issues. Our trademark Lawyer in Sydney are experts in trademark and IP law. They assist you with the registration process of trademarks and ensure your valuable IP is always protected and unexposed.

As a business owner, What do you have to do to register a trademark with us?

As a start-up company, you need to come up with a unique name, sign, design, or even tagline which can resonate well with the concept of your product. If your brand is left unprotected and exposed to the market imposters, all the team efforts and hard work will go in vain. This is why we suggest our clients register their intellectual property (IP) as trademarks. The process of registering a trademark for the business can be complicated and risky. With years and years of experience under registering trademarks for businesses, our highly vetted trademark lawyers in Sydney can help make the process less risky and more significantly easier for you.

What do we require from you? Just the name of the business you wish to register for a trademark. Our trademark attorneys in Sydney will manage the rest of the search and registration process on your behalf. Once the search for the trademark name is completed, they will help you with the further process including guiding you with whether the name, logo, design, or tagline of your business can be registrable or not.

Our trademark lawyers in Sydney  have registered more than thousands of trademarks for various businesses in Sydney. Our team of trademark experts know what are the best practices to register a trademark for your business.

Why should you consider our Trademark lawyer for your business?

Our trademark lawyers will help prepare comprehensive agreements to assist you with protecting your IP. Furthermore, they channel their expertise into trademark law by helping businesses and sole proprietors to create appropriate agreements. With a correct and sound agreement, we can ensure that your IP will not be exploited or misused by any competitor, aggrieved employees, or former customers. Our trademark attorneys in Sydney can also help you with prosecuting or defending breaches of your confidential information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) What is Trademark? Is it necessary for my business?

A trademark is a unique name, design, logo, or tagline which is used to identify a business or product. Once the trademark of a business is registered, no other organisation can make use of the particular brand’s name, symbol, or tagline. A trademark can:

  • Create brand recognition
  • Avert any future legal issues
  • Protect your business from counterfeit products
  • Provide your business legal ownership of any specific locations
  • Help retain the exclusive rights to mark your brand 

2) What is the difference between a Patent and a Trademark?

A patent is an exclusive right granted by the government or authority to a company that prohibits other competitors in the market from making, selling or using their product. However, trademarks help protect a business’s name, design, sign, logo, or tagline from market imitators.

3) What is the duration of getting a trademark in Australia?

The registration of a successful, functional, and complete trademark recognised all over Australia will take a minimum of 7 and a half months. A registered trademark must be renewed every ten years to keep it valid. If there are any issues or objections with your trademark application, the duration of registration may exceed.

Our Trademark lawyer Sydney are experts when it comes to registering trademarks, copyrights, patents, and design rights. Contact W3IP Law to discuss the potential of your Trademark portfolio today!

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