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5 Top Tips to Growing Your Platform and Brand Power

  1. Create Engaging Content

You might think this one is obvious – but making sure you know your target audience and the kind of content that will engage them is the first step. Firstly, who do you want to attract? How old are they? What trends do they follow? Outline your target audience and then ask yourself what it is exactly that will get them to engage with your content. Attract an audience of younger makeup enthusiasts by writing about recent beauty trends. Attract a market of ‘foodies’ by uploading new recipes. Whatever your niche is, make sure you’re uploading the most exciting content on subjects that are trending or people will be interested in.

2. Make People Want to Click

You may have a really great article that you think is funny, entertaining and informative – but what’s the point if no-one clicks on it? There are a few tips and tricks you can implement to make your content more enticing to your audience and encourage people to engage with you. If you’re editing videos, think about the production quality. People are more likely to click on a high-quality video in high resolution with a great sound track. Creating thumbnails that have shock value or look exciting play a huge part in whether people click or not. If you’re writing articles, use headers that grab your audience’s attention and use interesting and relevant images.

3. Be Consistent with our Upload Schedule

Recent reports show that people value consistency and engaging with regular content – that  is, channels that commit to posting multiple times a week perform much better and get more recommend views. Having a schedule creates a sense of anticipation for your audience eagerly for your next post and shows your audience that you always have fresh content in the works. If your platform is a reliable source for content and entertainment, people are more likely to come back.

4. Perfect Your Workflow

As with any occupation, there is a process to creating content. You may be uploading videos to YouTube, posting on Instagram or tweeting on Twitter. Whatever platform you’re using, there is usually a lengthy process of editing, coming up with a headline caption etc. Practice makes perfect, so use trial-and-error testing to see what works best to save time in your upload process will allow you to generate content more quickly. This may be using more efficient programs, pre-creating content, or other out-of-the-box tricks that will help you perfect your workflow. The better your process, the more content you can create for your audience to sink their teeth into.

5. Call to Action

So, you’ve created your content and grabbed the attention of your reader – what now? Make he most of every one of your posts by… self-promotion! If your audience is watching your video, really likes your content, and wants to find more, provide them with a list of your relevant links to other platforms.  This allows a quick and easy pathway for people to find more of you. Conclusively, having a call-to-action or asking people to look at your other content can increase your following and brand power!

Take away points

  • Create exciting content on trending topics.
  • Make your content look exciting – so people want to click!
  • Create an upload schedule and be consistent with it.
  • Find ways to make your creation process more efficient.
  • Make the most of your content by linking your other platforms or a call to action at the end.
  • Remember, its your brand, you need to work it!


Jaclyn-Mae Floro, BCompSc

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