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Copyright Infringement in a Computer Program

Computer programs are protected as a literary work under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). A “computer program” is defined as a set of statements or instructions to be used directly or indirectly in a computer in order to bring about a certain result. The High Court in Data Access v Powerflex (1999) in examining the […]


The Basics of Copyright Law in Australia

What is copyright? Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects the creator of an original work (or other subject matter) by granting exclusive rights in that work. These rights allow creators to control how their work is used and provides creators a means to commercialise their works. Who is the owner of copyright? […]


Knock Off No-No’s – Dangers Of Counterfeit Goods

Fake Products  Knock-off products refer to replicas made by manufacturers in order to take advantage of a brand name and rip off the likeness of a popular product. These “knock offs” ride off the creativity of the creator. Not only do they diminish the integrity and originality  of the original product but they are also […]


Blogging Legally – Legal Answers You Can Trust

Creating Online Content With the increasing presence of blogging and social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, sharing information online has become a convenient way to interact with others and, in some cases, even make an income. Considering the extent and relative ease of obtaining, reposting, or otherwise sharing information over the Internet, […]


EU Copyright Directive: Link Tax’s And Upload Filters

The EU has introduced a new directive on copyright to reduce copyright violations by shifting responsibility of copyright protection on online sharing platforms. One significant consequence of the new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is that online sharing platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will need to regulate content to […]