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Australia’s New Space Agency in Adelaide

Australian Space Agency (ASA) was established in July 2018 following a government review on Australia’s space industry capability. Its purpose is “to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that will lift the broader economy and inspire and improve the lives of Australians underpinned by a strong international and national engagement.” The space […]


NASA is set to launch rockets Northern Territory Spaceport in 2020 – A World First

NASA has picked a privately-owned space center outside the United States to launch its rockets. A fledgling Australian commercial spaceport, Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), has signed a deal with NASA for the use of the Arnhem Space Center (ASC) as a site to launch its 15-meter-high sounding rockets into space to conduct engineering tests and […]


Mars Touchdown – WISH YOU WERE HERE!

First Mission to Mars in 6 Years It was an exciting morning on 26 November 2018. Just before 7:00am AEDT, NASA’s spacecraft ‘Insight’ barrelled through Mars’ atmosphere at 19,785km per hour and made a successful landing on Mars. Insight sailed 548 million km through deep space, slowed just enough to be able to land by […]


Queensland inks deal with Boeing

Boeing the world’s largest aerospace company of commercial jetliners and defence, space and security systems is building its largest autonomous vehicle program outside of the United States in Queensland. Boeing began working in Australia in 1996 and bought Aerospace Technologies of Australia in 1997. In Australia, Boeing is represented by Boeing Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, […]


To the Stars 2024: Gold Coast Aerospace to put Rover on Mars

Gilmour Space Technologies has entered into a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA to put a rover on Mars by 2024. The Gold Coast space company with a subsidiary office in Singapore is developing low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite payload market. Gilmour Space Technologies backed by venture capital firm Blackbird Ventures and other […]