EVENT   |   13th August, 2019 | Sveth Milanes

India Hosts This Year’s International IP Skills Summit (IIPSS)

Twenty-two auxiliary countries will be engaging in this year’s International IP Skills Summit which will be held on 13-14 August 2019 at the Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India. Armed with a complete and accurate global analysis, over three hundred experts and innovators will participate and discuss thoughts and insights into the most […]


AI: Decoding IP – Exploring the Commercial, Economic and Legal Implications

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly as evidenced by Apple’s Siri, automated cars and Sydney’s new driverless trains! Sci-fi movies often portray artificial intelligence as robots simulating human characteristics but in real life, AI is used in the Google’s search algorithm, IBM’s Watson, and even in AI-controlled autonomous weapons, among others. The term artificial intelligence or […]


INTA 141st Annual Meeting 2019

The International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting is the world’s largest, most widely attended and influential trademark event. The 2019 Annual Meeting will include several trending topics that are transforming the global IP world such as: Combatting Counterfeits and Piracy on the Internet and in Digital Media; How has the World Changed One Year After […]

EVENT   |   19th November, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Australian Data Summit 2018

Facebook scandal. Cambridge Analytica scandal. Establishment of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and Australia’s Consumer Data Right. Because of all these, organisations are forced to enable data transparency  and reassess their approach to data management. This November, Akolade’s AUSTRALIAN DATA SUMMIT will bring together both the public and private sector for an exploration of how […]

EVENT   |   9th November, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Drones Workshop, Fly Before You Buy!

Businesses across different industries now realise that drones, or also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), have multiple commercial applications. These are now not just used for surveillance or photography, but for daily work in some industries. Sphere Drones have been providing innovative television, radio communication and UAV technology solutions with more than 20 years […]

EVENT   |   13th November, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Marketing Tech Symposium 2018

Ashton Media is a team of marketing, advertising and Customer Experience specialists who organize conferences throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. Together with the most talented and best speakers and sponsors, they share their ideas and experiences to provide high quality content to their attendees. This year Ashton Media presents the MARKETING TECH SYMPOSIUM 2018 […]

EVENT   |   31st October, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Lean Startup Sydney The Halloween Edition Extra Scary!

The “Lean Startup” is a trade mark and service owned by Eric Reis. Eric Reis serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has consulted to new and established companies as well as venture capital firms. He is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup: […]

EVENT   |   24th October, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Women In Tech 2018: Ladies Be Ready!

Ladies, be ready as the Annual Women in Tech conference will be coming over to the Gold Coast for the first time to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology. The 3rd Annual WOMEN IN TECH FEST 2018 will be a 3-day conference inspiring and supporting the women of today. […]

EVENT   |   10th October, 2018 | JACLYN-MAE FLORO

Real Tech 2018

How can technology impact our traditional real estate practice? How can real estate professionals use it to their advantage in this type of industry? The Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ) curated some of the best tech speakers to answer these questions and more in the REAL TECH 2018 event. REAL TECH 2018 will be held […]

EVENT   |   9th October, 2018 | Jaclyn-Mae Floro

Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Summit Sydney

Automation Anywhere offers consulting services to businesses and has worked over the years to help these businesses discover new automation ideas for business processes to maximise their ROI. Their consulting services include inventory management, invoice processing, report generation, data transfer automation and file and disk management among others. This year, the Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce […]