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How to Register Your Brand on Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool that helps sellers on Amazon protect their brands. The program also assists sellers in identifying potential counterfeit products, with the functionality of being able to report trade mark infringement of other sellers.

Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry scheme are able to access certain exclusive features on the Amazon platform, such as Enhanced Brand Content, which allows sellers to drive traffic to their offerings and differentiate their products from competitors.

What are the eligibility requirements for Amazon Brand Registry?

To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you must:

(1) have an active applicable registered trade mark in each country you wish to enroll;

(2) sell your own branded products on the Amazon platform.

What are the trade mark requirements?

In order to register your trade mark for Amazon Brand Registry, it must follow Amazon’s trade mark requirements. That is, the trade mark must be:

(1) currently registered (i.e. not pending advertisement or opposed);

(2) a word mark or an image-based mark with words, letters or numbers;

(3) be registered in one or more of the following countries:

– United States; Brazil; Canada; Mexico; Australia; India; Japan; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; United Kingdom; or the European Union.

What is the process for Amazon Brand Registry?

The process is to register is as follows:

(1) Log in to Amazon Brand Registry with your Amazon account details.

(2) Enrol your brands and complete the forms with your brand information. This includes your brand(s) name, trade mark number and details, where your products are manufactured and sold, the categories of your products being sold under the brand.

The process should be simple, however, you may encounter issues with obtaining registration for your brand. This may be for many reasons, which may not be revealed to you with in your communications with the Amazon Brand Registry support team. In our experience, it can help to have a trade mark attorney or lawyer make the application on your behalf.

Take-away points

– Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool for sellers on Amazon;
– Unlocks exclusive features and manage trade mark infringement by enrolling your brand;
– Ensure you meet Amazon’s eligibility requirements before applying.

Sam Gilbert, IP and Technology Consultant, B.A., LL.B  University of Technology, Sydney

 If you would like to know more about how to register your trade mark on Amazon Brand Registry, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at W3IP Law on 1300 776 614 or 0451 951 528.
Disclaimer. The material in this post represents general information only and should not be taken to be legal advice.

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