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UK Litigation Roundup: Here's What You Missed In London
The past week in London has seen Warner Bros in two separate suits over copyright, Visa facing another competition suit over its fees, and a [...]
McKool Smith Adds Shore Chan Name Partner To Dallas Office
McKool Smith has added a name principal and patent litigator from Shore Chan LLP to its Dallas office. [...]
Law School Admissions Shouldn't Hinge On Test Scores
The American Bar Association recently granted law schools some latitude on which tests it can consider in admissions decisions, but its continued emphasis on test [...]
Vidal Orders Amicus Briefs in PTAB OpenSky and Patent Quality Assurance Cases
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) yesterday afternoon announced that USPTO Director Kathi Vidal will be accepting amicus briefs in the Director Review of [...]
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research
Radionuclide Therapy for Patients with Liver Cancer [...]
Cure Enterprise
Cure Enterprise Respirator Masks for COVID-19 and Dust [...]
Vidal Drills Down On Patent Abuse In VLSI Director Review
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director Kathi Vidal on Thursday made clear she wants to get to the bottom of patent abuse allegations tied to [...]
Fed. Circ. Questions Bid To Undo Ax Of $308M Apple Verdict
A Federal Circuit panel had tough questions Thursday for a Personalized Media Communications attorney who argued that an Eastern District of Texas judge wrongly erased [...]
Philips Loses ITC Bid To Block Wireless Module Imports
The U.S. International Trade Commission won't ban imports of wireless modules from Thales and others after Philips failed to prove to either a judge or [...]
When it Comes to Patent Reform, Watch What Google Does – Not What it Says
The debate over patent reform is heating up again. Last month, Google published a blog post on patent reform, purportedly aimed at promoting American innovation. [...]
Artist Must Face Viral Banana Wall Art Copyright Suit
The artist behind a viral installation of a banana taped on a wall can't escape a copyright lawsuit accusing him of plagiarizing another artist's work, [...]
AstraZeneca Gets Seroquel Pay-For-Delay Case Cut In Half
An estimated $107 million value tradeoff is not enough to make an alleged pay-for-delay deal between AstraZeneca and a generic drugmaker anticompetitive, a Delaware federal [...]
GOP Cut Pharma's Taxes Offshore, Senate Report Finds
Illinois-based AbbVie sells medications mostly to American consumers, yet it earns nearly all taxable income in places like Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Ireland — a [...]
Fed. Circ. Wary Of Undoing Endo Loss Over Vasostrict Fight
Two Federal Circuit judges on Thursday repeatedly pushed back on an Endo International unit's assertion that a Delaware federal judge erroneously declined to stop Eagle [...]
Trio Of Patent Rulings Get Federal Circuit Stamp Of Approval
The Federal Circuit on Thursday made quick work of three appeals it heard this week, issuing one-line orders affirming the underlying judgments in cases involving [...]
The Push for Clean Energy Ignores Economic and U.S. Innovation Realities
During the last Presidential campaign, then candidate Biden famously promised to put an end to fossil fuels. True to his commitment, President Biden has attempted [...]
IDEA Act Would Help Remove Barriers To Inventor Equity
The Inventor Diversity for Economic Advancement Act would allow the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to examine the diversity gaps among Americans who patent their [...]
Lobbying Firms Settle Brief DC Trademark Row
Similarly-named Washington, D.C., lobbying firms Monument Strategies and Monument Advocacy have settled a brief but acrimonious dispute over their monikers, which began after the lawyer [...]
American Eagle Argues Walmart Stole Jean-Pocket Design
Walmart so blatantly copied American Eagle Outfitters' distinctive pattern of stitching on the back pockets of its women's jeans that a Pennsylvania federal court should [...]
No Winners' Fees In 'Tie Game' TM Case, 11th Circ. Says
The Eleventh Circuit said Thursday a real estate brokerage isn't entitled to costs and exceptional case fees in its trademark dispute against another brokerage, deciding [...]
8th Circ. Orders Redo On $60M Damages In Monsanto Suit
The Eighth Circuit on Thursday said a lower court should have assessed $60 million in punitive damages between Monsanto Co. and BASF Corp. individually instead [...]
Actavis Loss In ADHD Drug IP Fight Backed By Fed. Circ.
The Federal Circuit has upheld a ruling from Delaware's top federal judge that found a Teva unit failed to show three patents on the ADHD [...]
Stundenglass Maker Sues Over Smoking Infuser Trademark
The makers of Stundenglass infusers is suing a pair of vape and smoking shops, alleging they are selling counterfeit and inferior versions of the smoking [...]
USPTO to Crack Down on ‘Incremental’ Patents in Response to Biden Executive Order’s Drug Pricing Mandate
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) yesterday announced in a joint blog post with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the Office plans [...]
Intellectual Property Protectio

IP Protection for the Success of Your Business

The protection of your intellectual property can be easily overlooked due to its intangible nature. It is essential to protect the value in your intellectual capital, recognised by some of the world’s biggest companies as their most important asset. So, let’s explore the ways in which businesses in Sydney can protect their hard-earned goodwill and […]


Christmas Season Greetings from W3IP Law *<[:{)

The season is in the air! – W3IP Law Our closing date will be Friday, 23rd December 2016 and we will be re-opening on Monday, the 9th of January 2017. W3IP Law wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For those of you working through the holidays and have enquiries, we are contactable […]


Safety Net your Business with a Registered Trade Mark

Why you need a Registered Trade Mark  There are very good reasons to obtain trade mark protection for your brand. Not the least of these is that a registered trade mark is a valid defence to allegations of trade mark infringement. Many small businesses take risks that would otherwise not have cost a lot to avoid. […]


More than IP for the Success of Your Business

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo The most powerful ideas are accelerating changes in markets in a way that has never been seen before.  The two great forces of our era driving progress are technology and globalisation. […]


Bonfire of the Unicorns: Start-Up Conference in Sydney

The largest conference in Australia for entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers and growth and innovation teams. The theme this year is ‘How to survive and thrive in any economic environment’. Startcon 2016 features two days of exhibitions, a hackathon, a pitch competition, and international speakers including: Elena Verna, Vice President of Growth, Survey Monkey Nate Moch, Vice […]


Design Registration Lawyers and Attorneys

Protecting the Unique Shape and Appearance of your Design from being copied by Competitors Design law protects the unique look and shape of a product rather than the way a product is used and works. A registered design protects the unique shape of a product’s visual appearance. Designs cover the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation applied […]

EVENT   |   14th March, 2017

ad:tech Technology Expo 2017, Sydney March 2017

Interactive Advertising and Technology Conference and Exhibition, Sydney The term Ad Tech is short for advertising technology. The term broadly refers to technologies, software and services for delivering and controlling advertising using analytics and digital tools. It refers to a disruptive force representing a breakthrough in accelerating change to improve the advertising of products and […]

Property Lawyers Deal in Sydney

Intellectual Property Services in Sydney for the Digital Savvy

Digital Evolution As the Internet evolves and businesses become increasingly digital,  every business needs to consider how intellectual property rights impact their business from how to protect their own IP and also not to risk infringing the rights of others. The globalisation of markets is at  hand where people and cultures are being integrated into […]

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property Lawyers – Client services in Sydney

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property is an area of the law that deals with patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and trade secrets. Lawyers that specialise in this field are trained to advise you on how to protect your intellectual property assets such as novels, scientific or business inventions, designs, new technology, computer programs or a […]


Does your Service Level Agreement need a tune-up?

Technology Lawyers that can help with IT Agreements A good technology agreement is written in plain English. It should properly define the expectations of the parties as to service type and quality by clearly setting out responsibilities and level of performance required. There are four principal types of IT Agreements. Firstly, Software Licence Agreements and […]