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Is it time to file a trade mark for your brand name?

We are a firm of registered Trade Mark Attorneys that provide expert intellectual property, trade mark attorney and technology law services. If you don’t protect your trade mark, your business can suffer a serious loss in value due to IP theft, loss of reputation, loss of income and damage to your most important asset, your brand name.

Your customers identify your products or services through the trade mark name that you use to identify your business as the origin of the supply. It is important to consult with a Trade Mark Attorney to help you ascertain whether your trade mark is available for use and registration as it may be blocked by an earlier applicant or registrant for the same name.

A Trade Mark Attorney can help you with advice on whether your trade mark is available for registration and also draft appropriate claims for the goods or services you are claiming. If a trade mark specification is too narrow, you can give up valuable trade mark protection that you could otherwise obtain. We are known for drafting detailed trade mark specifications that provide an accurate and complete description of the goods/services that the trade mark is or will be used with.

Everyday, we see businesses (of all sizes) have to defend against allegations of trade mark infringement or fend off competitors (locally and internationally). Every business needs to protect their brand name by filing a trade mark, no matter how big or small.

Launching a start-up or bringing a new product or service to the market?

  • Is your business name or logo trade marked?
  • Does your advertising use a slogan or catch-phrase specific to your business?
  • Do you competitors try to copy your website, business name or image or product/service offering in any way?

Why register a trade mark

It proves you own your brand name and you can legally stop others from using it. It also deters others from using it. It is a good defence if someone else accuses you of infringing their trade mark. A registered trade mark is a valuable asset, as it secures ownership of your brand, because a business name or company name cannot give you full rights of ownership, whereas a registered trade mark can.

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Disclaimer. The material in this post represents general information only and should not be taken to be legal advice.

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