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What does it take be an IP Warrior?

As an IP Lawyer you are fully dedicated to obtaining a positive result for your client. At W3IP Law, we strive for excellence in everything that we do.  We are known for a broad range of services in intellectual property and preparing commercial agreements, along side contentious work and IP litigation. Companies both in Australia and overseas turn to us for their most important IP and commercial law needs, as we specialise in international agreements and cross-border transactions.

There are law firms and there is W3IP Law. An international law firm that supports innovation, deep industry knowledge and excellence in client service. But having some fun and working as a team together with our clients make all the difference.

Introduction to Intellectual Property

What is IP?

  • Intellectual property is the intangible property of your mind or proprietary knowledge.
  • The creations of your mind such as symbols, inventions, designs, literary and artistic works.

Comparison to Physical Property

  • Property rights give you ownership of a tangible asset.
  • IP Rights give you exclusive rights to use and exploit your intangible IP.
  • Example: A person may own a book but they do not have copyright in it unless they are the author.

 IP Rights are like physical property because:

  • They are an asset like your car or your bank account.
  • They can be owned and sold or licensed or given away.

What are IP Rights?

  • IP rights are the laws that countries have to protect intellectual property rights.
  • Legal rights that protect your ideas and inventions.
  • They allow creators or owners of intellectual property to benefit from their own creation or work.

–   Right to exclusively use intellectual property.
–   Protection from infringement.

Understanding the Value

Why are IP Rights important?

  • Stimulate creativity and reward innovation
  • Protection of legal rights encourages authors and producers to produce further works
  • Encourages development and wealth creation
  • Creates economic growth, creates new jobs and industries


  • Identify your IP.
  • Know the value of your IP.
  • Protect your IP.
  • Keep your ideas confidential.
  • Seek advice from an IP professional before you start.
  • Research the marketplace.
  • Educate yourself on how best to commercialise your idea.
  • Watch out for infringers.

 The progress of society depends on its capacity to create new works

  • To discourage potential infringers and act as a deterrent.
  • IP represent a valuable business asset that can be commercialised.
  • Knowing the value of your IP can attract investors or get the true worth of your business in a sale.

Enforcement in Australia


  • As an owner of IP rights you have exclusive rights to use your IP property.
  • You must monitor and watch the market to ensure your rights are not being infringed.
  • Infringement occurs when someone uses your IP without your permission.
  • If your IP is being copied or used by someone else without your permission you can request your lawyer to write a letter of warning (‘cease and desist’) or institute court proceedings.
  • Protect your IP – it is your responsibility to protect your IP and put the person infringing your rights on notice.

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Disclaimer. The material in this post represents general information only and should not be taken to be legal advice.

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