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EVENT   |   28th May, 2016 | Kim Walters

W3IP Law attended an event at Soul Hotel, Surfers Paradise, hosted by Jade Weller of JadeStart Consulting. Jade is the founder of the business which provides business coaching for start-ups and small businesses. The presentation brought together a team of industry experts who delivered some valuable insights into starting a business and how to get a head start to success. The attendees not only had some valuable training but each were pleased to receive a much prized beach towel from Aaron Spehr, the owner of Beach Braves.

W3IP Law_Soul - JadeStart Consulting Presentation, Surfers Paradise, 28 May 2016

Jade Weller’s presentation gave some valuable insights into intellectual property and how important it is to identify the IP that you have in your business and protect it.  Jade covered the different types of intellectual property including trademarks, copyright, designs and patents as well as some common pitfalls in relation to intellectual property. For example:

  • A business name registration is not a trade mark registration
  • You must conduct relevant searches before you proceed with a trade mark application to ensure you aren’t infringing someone else’s rights
  • Beware: you can lose your trade mark for non-use.

Pamela Pointer of Australian Taxation Accountants discussed the various business structures available for setting up a business and also covered the pros and cons of each structure including risk and tax obligations.

Lisa Erhart of Breakthrough Business Consulting explained how you can “Get Paid to Grow Your Business”. Lisa is a funding specialist who has secured over $2.2 million in funding and explained how the funding process works and the laws that must be respected in regard to funding.

Aaron Spehr, the owner of Beach Braves, an Australian owned beach fashion label which supplies designer beach towels and beach bags, also gave a lively presentation. His beach collection includes the prized “Dream Catcher” design. Aaron shared his experience with marketing on social media and the range of skills required to leap frog your business online and have a substantial presence within a short period of time. By making informed choices, and using online free resources, you can maximise the reach of your marketing budget.

This was a fun and informative meeting that was enjoyed by all, hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Soul Hotel, Surfers Paradise!

W3IP Law_Soul Hotel, Surfers Paradise, 28 May 2016

W3IP Law Director, Kim Walters, Soul Hotel, Surfers Paradise, 28 May 2016

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