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Orange County Loses Crusade To Register Insignia At TTAB
The local government in Orange County, Calif., will not be able to land a trademark covering the use of the county's not-quite-official seal to market [...]
Apple AirPods Infringing Pinn IP Should Cost $42M, Jury Told
A damages expert testifying for Pinn Inc. in its suit accusing Apple Inc. of infringing its wireless earbud patents told a California federal jury Friday [...]
House Lawmakers Push For Patent Owner Diversity
A bipartisan pair of House lawmakers on Friday introduced a version of a bill that aims to increase diversity among patent owners — a little [...]
Songwriter Off The Hook In Chris Brown's 'No Guidance' Suit
A Florida federal judge allowed songwriter Noah Shebib out of a copyright dispute after an R&B singer accusing Chris Brown, Drake and others of ripping [...]
Fed. Circ. Backs ITC Decision Clearing Fitbit In Philips IP Row
The Federal Circuit on Friday summarily affirmed a U.S. International Trade Commission decision that cleared Fitbit LLC and Garmin International of violating the Tariff Act [...]
Scouts' Plan Mostly Approved, Jones Hit With $50M Verdicts
The Boy Scouts of America got a court's nod for the linchpin of its $2.7 billion Chapter 11 plan, the defamation damages trial of conspiracy [...]
Volkswagen Says Smartcar Is Exploiting Its Connectivity Suite
Volkswagen has accused software company Smartcar of peddling connectivity services that work with its vehicles without authorization, essentially circumventing Volkswagen's selection and approval process for [...]
Family Of Baseball Legend Lobs TM Suit At Puerto Rico Gov.
The sons of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente hit Puerto Rican governor Pedro Pierluisi and other government officials with a lawsuit Friday [...]
Ethics Lessons From The Alex Jones Discovery Debacle
The botched production of a cache of texts and emails prior to Alex Jones' defamation trial, and a failure to take corrective actions, should remind [...]
Other Barks & Bites for Friday, August 5: Win for AbbVie at Seventh Circuit; Eleventh Circuit Affirms Ruling for Monster Energy; and Ninth Circuit Reverses Fair Use Finding in Death Valley Lake Photo Case
This week in Other Barks & Bites: Senators Thom Tillis and Patrick Leahy introduce a bill to improve patent examination and quality, while Tillis’ office [...]
Gilstrap Snags 1st MDL, And Of Course It's A Patent Case
U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap's courtroom will be the home for lawsuits connected to a patent licensing company's assertion of old IBM patents against three [...]
The Role Of Morality In IP Suits Over COVID-19 Vaccines
Recent patent infringement suits involving the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna raise interesting legal and moral issues — like whether infringement should be [...]
IP Hires: Polsinelli, Jones Day, McKool Smith
Polsinelli PC has brought on a team of intellectual property attorneys to the firm's electrical engineering and computer science patent prosecution group, and Jones Day [...]
Profs Urge Full Fed. Circ. To Review 'Startling' Novartis Ruling
Two groups of law professors have urged the full Federal Circuit to review a case in which a split panel initially sided with Novartis in [...]
CAFC ‘Unambiguously’ Backs USPTO in AI as Inventor Fight
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) ruled today in Thaler v. Vidal that an artificial intelligence (AI) machine does not qualify [...]
11th Circ. Reverses Sex Club Manager's Pretrial False Ad Loss
The Eleventh Circuit on Thursday reversed a $900,000 false advertising judgment in favor of nearly three dozen models against a private swingers club in Miami, [...]
Battery Co. 'Threatened' Amazon UK Over Patent, Judge Says
A U.S. battery manufacturer's demands that Amazon U.K. delist allegedly infringing car battery jump starters could have been considered a threat of patent infringement against [...]
Designer Ends Lawsuit For Partial Ownership In CBD Co.
A designer who sued Pure Spectrum CBD for copyright infringement and breach of contract has agreed to settle her lawsuit for a nearly 3% ownership [...]
BREAKING: Fed. Circ. Rules AI Can't Be Named Inventor On Patents
The Federal Circuit on Friday rejected a researcher's bid to name an artificial intelligence machine he created as an inventor on two patents, ruling that [...]
UK Litigation Roundup: Here's What You Missed In London
The past week in London has seen restaurant chain PizzaExpress put an insurance claim on the menu in a lawsuit against Liberty Mutual and AXA, [...]
Apple AirPods Infringe Pinn IP Despite 'Slick' Extras, Jury Told
Apple AirPods' "slick" and "neat" features do not insulate the product from having infringed Pinn Inc.'s more basic wireless earbud design patents, a retired Texas [...]
Cooley Atty Ordered To 'Personally Pay' For 'Hubris'
A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday ordered a senior lawyer at Cooley LLP to "personally pay" the legal fees incurred by his client's former CEO in a dispute [...]
The Federal Circuit’s ‘CAR T-Cell’ Decision: Courting a Disaster for American Innovation
The only president ever to obtain one, Abraham Lincoln knew the essential role patents have played in the scientific and technological innovations that have driven [...]
Philips' Copyright Suit Over Ultrasound Co.'s Hacking Stands
An Illinois federal judge on Thursday refused to let the ultrasound arm of Avante Health Solutions out of a copyright, trade secret and computer fraud [...]

The Catastrophic Facebook Outage

On 5 October 2021, “Sorry, something went wrong,” greeted every screen requesting access to Facebook. This significant outage hit Facebook rendering it inaccessible for almost a day and made numerous Facebook-owned outlets like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp unavailable too. While the disconnection did not affect certain geographic areas, the services globally were down. Massive Failure […]


NVIDIA dominating the AI Chips

Its cat related NVIDIA, one of our favorite brands! How NVIDIA veered from gaming and graphics hardware to ruling AI chips had allegedly something to do with cats. It all happened circa 2010, when Bill Dally, now chief scientist at NVIDIA was having breakfast with Andrew Ng, an erstwhile associate at Stanford University who was […]


Privilege Creep and Your Data Security

The term “privilege creep” refers to the gradual accumulation of access rights beyond what a person needs in order to perform his or her job. It used to be relatively straightforward to trace system users and know what access rights they have been granted in relation to system resources. Nowadays, with the wide range of […]


Bvlgari Snake Head Design Enjoys Copyright in China

In April 2021, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court (‘BIPC’) announced its ruling in relation to a China National Intellectual Property Administration’s (‘CNIPA’) decision by deciding in favor of Bvlgari. The matter related to a trade mark application filed by Mr. Liu Rongjun in class 18 that consisted of a “snake head” design that resembled Bvlgari’s […]


Oral Agreements – Can You Enforce These?

In Australia, oral agreements can be enforceable. So, it should be no surprise that business owners can seal agreements with other parties on the basis of a handshake. Come to think of it, we get involved in oral agreements all the time. When we buy goods in the supermarket or when we order food in […]



The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) intends to protect consumers while ensuring fair trading in Australia. It provides consumers with a comprehensive set of guarantees for the goods and services they purchase. Under the ACL, consumers have protection for their purchases and businesses have accountability and responsibility in respect to their supply to consumers. WHAT ARE […]


Amazon Launches IP Accelerator in Canada to Help Small Businesses Secure a Trademark and Protect Their Brands

Amazon has launched an IP Accelerator in Canada to help small and medium-sized businesses secure and protect their trade marks through a network of trusted Canadian intellectual property law firms. IP Accelerator and its brand protection tools are readily available to participating Amazon store businesses. In order to gain access to Amazon’s tools, brands had […]


Copyright Protection of a Logo

A logo trade mark is an artistic work that functions to distinguish the brands of traders in the market. Logos are a visual representation of the brand of a company and can be protected both under trade mark law as denoting the origin of a supply and copyright law as an artistic work. Trade marks […]


AI is Revolutionizing Education

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. ” – Yann LeCun Professor, New York University There is no doubt that AI has made living and working easier. Smart refrigerators now have added artificial capabilities such as AI-equipped cameras to track food inventory and let you know what […]

Australian Intellectual Property Report 2021

Australian Intellectual Property Report 2021

Trade marks A trade mark is a type of intellectual property and consists of a sign that distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from another trader in the marketplace. A registered trade mark gives the owner a 10-year period of protection over the trader’s exclusive rights to use, license and sell the mark. […]