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Del. Jury Finds ScentAir Didn't Infringe Liquid Air Freshener IP
A Delaware federal jury has found that ScentAir Technologies LLC didn't infringe two patents covering removable cartridges for liquid diffusion air fresheners, but said they [...]
The March-In Drug Price Control Narrative Crumbles While Its Damage to American Innovation Grows
It was little more than a month ago when the Biden Administration unleashed its draft guidelines for applying the march-in provisions of the Bayh-Dole Act. [...]
Conn. IP Atty Can Send Holiday Cards To Rival's Clients
A Connecticut magistrate judge ruled Monday that while a settlement agreement barring an intellectual property attorney from contacting his ex-partner's clients extends to the attorney's [...]
Amazon Can't Escape Streaming Patent Infringement Suit
A California federal judge denied a bid by Amazon and its streaming platform unit Twitch Monday to toss a patent infringement suit over video streaming [...]
Clase Azul Maker Says Similar Tequila TM Vexes Customers
The creator of Clase Azul tequila told a Houston federal judge Monday that the emergence of Delaware-based Casa Azul Spirits LLC is creating confusion in [...]
The Top Attys In Clinton's Impeachment Trial, 25 Years Later
One of them just went to federal prison, and another famously beat a federal indictment. One has been seeking the White House, and another has [...]
5th Circ. Partly Backs Finding In Rolex Trademark Case
The Fifth Circuit has backed a lower court's finding that luxury watchmaker Rolex had its trademarks infringed by a company that sold counterfeit watches, but [...]
The Pop Culture Docket: Judge Djerassi On Super Bowl 52
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Ramy Djerassi discusses how Super Bowl 52, in which the Philadelphia Eagles prevailed over the New England Patriots, provides [...]
3 Ex-DHS Staffers Get Prison, Probation For Software Theft
Three former U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees have been sentenced to prison or probation for their alleged roles in conspiring to steal proprietary software [...]
McCarter & English Urges Against Updating Malpractice Suit
McCarter & English LLP has condemned a New Jersey biopharmaceutical company's latest attempt to amend its malpractice complaint against the firm, telling the court in [...]
Reseller Drops Antitrust Countersuit Against Cisco Midtrial
Dexon Computer Inc. is ending an antitrust countersuit that accused Cisco Systems Inc. of using its market power to keep customers from equipment that Dexon [...]
AI Takes Transformers Beyond Robots In Disguise
At the intersection of artificial intelligence and copyright law, the shape-shifting models known as transformers raise the question of whether using copyrighted materials to train [...]
Calif. Bill Seeks To Regulate AI-Generated Products, Evidence
A California bill introduced in the state Senate on Thursday would prohibit the use of artificial intelligence to falsify someone's identity or use their likeness [...]
Catching Up With Delaware's Chancery Court
A transportation services company and cryptocurrency fund both exited litigation, a grill maker and EV-charging company fired up new cases, and biotechs bandaged old wounds [...]
White & Case Loses Another IP Partner To Cahill Gordon
Another intellectual property partner has left White & Case LLP for Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP, the firm said Monday, as Colleen Tracy James joins [...]
Richard Prince Effectively Settles, Dodging Post-Warhol Fair Use Ruling
On Thursday, final judgments were issued in a pair of copyright infringement cases that arose from a now infamous 2014/2015 project New Portraits, where appropriations [...]
Wearables and Personal Data: Risks, Considerations and Protections
With each new year comes an uptick in purchases of workout equipment, blenders, gym memberships and wearable devices of all shapes and sizes. Plans are [...]
AI Inventorship Patent Options After UK Supreme Court Ruling
The U.K. Supreme Court's recent ruling in Thaler v. Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks that an AI system cannot be an inventor raises [...]
Let’s Get on the Same Page: A Framework for Aligning Private and Government Goals on IP
Both the Biden and Trump Administrations have made it abundantly clear that economic and technology security is now national security. In the latest National Security [...]
EU Investment Plans Play To US Nat'l Security Concerns
Three new measures adopted by the European Commission stand to close alternate pathways to advanced technology and funding that have plagued U.S. efforts to thwart [...]
White House Calls Explicit AI Photos Of Taylor Swift 'Alarming'
The White House on Friday called the recent circulation of sexually explicit artificial intelligence-generated images of Taylor Swift "alarming," saying social media companies have a [...]
GSK Unit Pauses Chancery Patent Suit For Settlement Talks
A specialty pharma company majority-owned by GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to stay its Delaware Chancery Court lawsuit against a San Francisco biotech startup it accuses of [...]
Generic-Drug Co. Concedes Infringement In Pfizer Heart Med Row
An Israeli drugmaker trying to market a generic version of one of Pfizer's historically more expensive brands of heart medication has agreed to limit its [...]
Justices Urged To Bar Infringement Rulings After PTAB Ax
A Patent Trial and Appeal Board decision that a patent is invalid should preclude an infringement finding in district court, Liquidia Technologies has told the [...]

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Phase Out of the Innovation Patent

11th March 2022 Patent | Bianca Ysabel

On February 2020, the Australian Government started the 18-month long...

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Brunellino Wins Bad Faith Trade Mark case in China

8th February 2022 Trade Marks | Alessandra Maxine

Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most well known...

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What Is A Series Trade Mark Application?

27th January 2022 Trade Marks | Jax Floro

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Freight Industry Embracing AI

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The Catastrophic Facebook Outage

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NVIDIA dominating the AI Chips

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Privilege Creep and Your Data Security

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The term “privilege creep” refers to the gradual accumulation of...

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Bvlgari Snake Head Design Enjoys Copyright in China

17th September 2021 Copyright | Alessandra Maxine

In April 2021, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court (‘BIPC’) announced...

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Oral Agreements – Can You Enforce These?

27th August 2021 Contracts | Jax Floro

In Australia, oral agreements can be enforceable. So, it should...

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10th August 2021 Consumer Law | Bianca Ysabel

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) intends to protect consumers while...

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Amazon Launches IP Accelerator in Canada to Help Small Businesses Secure a Trademark and Protect Their Brands

26th July 2021 Intellectual Property Protection | Alessandra Maxine

Amazon has launched an IP Accelerator in Canada to help...

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