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Heart Device Maker Tells Del. Court: Patents Already Sold
The insolvent developer of an implantable cardiac device that sold its patent portfolio as part of a business wind-down urged Delaware's Chancery Court on Tuesday [...]
Lighting Patent Claim Withstands PTAB Challenge On Remand
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board found Monday that Elco Lighting did not show that one claim of a DMF Inc. LED lighting system patent [...]
Practitioners Mostly Agree Amgen Won’t Be a Sea Change, But Some Predict Grim Consequences
Yesterday’s oral argument in Amgen v. Sanofi was long-awaited and closely watched by many in the patent community. The Justices seemed skeptical that the U.S. [...]
'Misconduct' Brings Call To Dismiss Traffic Control Patent Suit
A Montana magistrate judge has recommended booting a portable traffic signal supplier's patent suit against a rival, determining the patent owner should be sanctioned for [...]
Bitcoin Hardware Co. Beats Investor Suit Over Revenue Drop
Cryptocurrency mining equipment maker Canaan Inc. has escaped for now a proposed investor class action after a federal judge in Manhattan found that the suit lacked [...]
Insights After High Court Arguments In Amgen Patent Case
Monday's arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in Amgen v. Sanofi — regarding the scope of the enablement standard for patented inventions — show the [...]
Full Fed. Circ. Won't Touch Activision's Patent Win
A Texas video game developer failed on Tuesday to interest any judges on the Federal Circuit in reviving the company's patent case against Activision Blizzard, [...]
Stanford Law Protest Highlights Rise Of Incivility In Discourse
The recent Stanford Law School incident, where students disrupted a speech by U.S. Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan, should be a reminder to teach law students [...]
50 Cent Settles False Advertising Suit With Fla. Medical Spa
A Florida medical spa has settled a federal lawsuit with Houston-based rapper 50 Cent over a photo he took with its owner that was later [...]
Justices Mull 'Strange,' 'Mixed-Up' Issue Of New Venue Retrial
A U.S. Supreme Court justice likened muddled case law on venue to a "platypus, this mixed-up animal," during arguments Tuesday in a case that could [...]
'Incredibles' Pot Cos. Demand Fees Over 'Side-Door' TM Suit
The makers of "Incredibles"-brand cannabis products are asking an Illinois federal court to award attorney fees after the owner of fruit basket company Edible Arrangements dropped [...]
China Gains on Top Filers at European Patent Office
U.S. companies and inventors still filed more patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO) than any other country, according to its Patent Index 2022, [...]
Clause 8 Podcast: Bob Stoll on Implementing AIA and Being Part of the First Family of IP
The patent community often treats the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as the person responsible for setting and changing an [...]
Novartis Co. 'Jumped The Gun' With Eyelash Drug, Jury Told
Novartis subsidiary Sandoz Inc. ripped off a drug invented by Duke University researchers and licensed to drug company Allergan knowing that the school's patent for [...]
Court Eyes Attorney Actions In 'Sham' Androgel Patent Suit
AbbVie Inc. and Besins Healthcare Inc. will have to turn over 100 documents previously deemed protected by attorney-client privilege, so a Pennsylvania federal judge can [...]
Justices Experiment With Enablement Paths In Amgen IP Row
The U.S. Supreme Court justices on Monday seemed confused as they grappled for more than an hour and a half over how many antibodies are [...]
Don't Let Judges Redefine Words In IP Cases, Justices Told
The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked for the first time whether the Federal Circuit has the power to rewrite the definition of words used [...]
Activision Atty Tells Judge Code Cheats Taunting Him Online
In an effort to convince a California federal judge that Activision's claims against German entities over alleged cheat codes for Call of Duty don't belong [...]
Wholesaler To Pay $33.4M In Abbott Labs Test Strips TM Row
A gray market diabetes test strip seller must pay more than $33 million total to Abbott Laboratories after a New York federal judge found that [...]
Cardiac Implant Maker Sued In Del. Over Snubbed Offer
A co-founder and former CEO of a clinical-stage company developing a heart valve repair device sued the company in Delaware's Chancery Court on Monday, alleging [...]
The Truth Leaks Out: Justices Struggle with the Science, Sanofi Welcomes End to Functional Genus Claims in Amgen Oral Arguments
The U.S. Supreme Court heard three separate arguments today in Amgen v. Sanofi, a case that even Sanofi’s counsel agreed could effectively wipe out patents [...]
Snap, Facebook, Twitter Get PTAB To End Palo Alto Patent
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has invalidated all of the claims in a Xerox unit's patent covering providing personalized content to users, giving yet [...]
Justices Skip Review Of Fed. Circ.'s 1-Line Orders Again
Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court quickly passed on the opportunity to look at the Federal Circuit's use of one-sentence Rule 36 rulings, turning down [...]
Centripetal Files Mandamus Petition Following PTAB’s Retaliatory Sanctions for Questioning APJ Financial Interests
Last week, cyber threat intelligence firm Centripetal Networks filed a petition  with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit seeking mandamus relief from [...]

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